About us

Million$Bullies – we have the passion to produce healty and loyal Bullies.

We use dogs of the finest traditional bloodlines and spend much effort in socializing and training the dogs in order to make them a real buddy for their future owners. Excellent temperament is our highest priority.

All of our dogs are microchipped and registered by UKC and EBKC. We will have a limited number of select breedings each year and provide  you with health guarantees.

Check our site frequently for new additions and planned breedings. We feel that with the right combination of the good traits applicable to each bloodline, we can eventually take the American Bully breed in the right direction and produce the perfect American Bully. Beauty is found in all sizes and colors but our focus, here at Milliondollarbullies Kennels, is to breed medium and large American Bullies.

We spare no expense in making sure that all of our dogs receive the best veterinary care and also the best dog food and supplements. With the right combination of genetics, nutrition, love and care, we can produce show-quality, family pets.